Hey folks, I have some good news for you!

My MiniDiscs are now available in my Ko-fi Shop! 🥳

💽 ko-fi.com/revengeday/shop

With the coupon code "HIGHTECHLOWLIFE" you save 10% on all MiniDiscs in my store!

I had recently already asked my subscribers, now I am curious about your opinion.

What will be the next release? Drum and Bass or Techno?

Do you remember the White Rabbit scene from The Matrix (1999) in which Neo has a MiniDisc in his hand.?

W-What if we listen to the Matrix soundtrack on MiniDisc together? ~ 😳

You wondered who is working on my music in the background? This cat!

Merlin is always present during the creative process and gives the tracks a certain vibe by purposefully running around on the keyboard!

Unbelievable, but the cover artworks will be displayed on my site soon. Including ALT text.

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At least, in the next version you will see immediately where the music is DRM free and where you can buy it or just listen to it :D

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Can you still trust reality?

What is real, what is a simulation?

Are your mind real or programmed?

Can you escape the cycle?
You will find out.

BEYOND THE EDGE - 2022-08-05

BEYOND THE EDGE is a short cyberpunk audio-adventure to prepare you for my upcoming music project.

The adventure will be available to all subscribers with Cortex Implant Mark-2 and Mark-3 subscription from 2022-08-05.

Not yet a subscriber, upgrade your RealSpace today: revengeday.de/subscribe

After Bandcamp found that musicians s*ck.

I can proudly announce today that you can buy my music from now on also via Ko-fi and the best, you can also subscribe me there!

Help me stay indie to keep getting weird music! 🤖


Win a limited and stickers of my single DISAPPEAR :revengeday:

What you have to do for it?

Just do something with this toot.
Retoot, favorite, print - be creative.

And of course you have to be lucky! 🍀

The winner will be chosen randomly (via randomorg) on 12/06/2022 at 20:30 CET+2.


You can never trust anybody.

Why can't you just listen to me, huh?

I told you, you are stuck with me.

OUT NOW - on all known streaming sites. Also available as limited MiniDisc via Bandcamp.


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