@smaecks Der Tim Sweeney soll mal lieber aufpassen, dass sein Social Score nicht im Keller geht wenn er seine Seele schon am West-Taiwan verkauft hat :D

I spent the sunday to create an overview which cyberpunk roleplay books I have and which ones I am still missing.

Maybe I need a "normal" hobby. Breathing or something.


IT Law Bubble Help!

Do I have to inform visitors about a PHPSESSION cookie? No personal data is stored in the cookie itself, cookie deletes itself after leaving the page.

Hey folks, I have some good news for you!

My MiniDiscs are now available in my Ko-fi Shop! 🥳

💽 ko-fi.com/revengeday/shop

With the coupon code "HIGHTECHLOWLIFE" you save 10% on all MiniDiscs in my store!

I had recently already asked my subscribers, now I am curious about your opinion.

What will be the next release? Drum and Bass or Techno?

Do you remember the White Rabbit scene from The Matrix (1999) in which Neo has a MiniDisc in his hand.?

W-What if we listen to the Matrix soundtrack on MiniDisc together? ~ 😳

@kobaltauge @ph0x17 Ist in der Tat ein teures Hobby. Aber im Gegensatz zu NFTs macht das auch Spaß :gort:

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