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I'm going to the office tomorrow. I don't know yet how to reconcile that with my sleep schedule :holdthepain:

I was doing a task at work, so far so uninteresting. Afterwards, I received an e-mail from the management praising me for the completed task.

Honestly, I was mega confused.
Appreciation does not always have to cost something, I was very pleased, but very confused.

I bought a pair of pants. And they fit. I want to cry.

I have already drunk 2 mate lemonade today and 4 cups of coffee. I am still tired.

When you look at your tickets and that one customer pops up again who gets on your nerves with some non-sense every two weeks.

I have now informed him that we are ending the business relationship.


no one should be required to wear clothes.

everyone should be allowed to roam the wild freely like our gator friends.

some gators also like to wear pants too and that's also fine.

Me who just want to buy new clothes


Online stores that hate tall and overweight people

As soon as it's a little warmer outside, the property management sends out your lawnmower army, it's annoying.

Can't they just leave the lawn the way it is? No, it has to be trimmed to 2mm short.

Fuck Nature!

I feel tired and somehow the caffeine is not kicking in today 😩

That Network with the 🦜 

I also can not create ads on these tweets. Gives directly an error message without content, lol.

Is someone panicking?

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That Network with the 🦜 


My tweets about Mastodon / Fediverse have almost no impressions at all and are not shown in the filtered timeline at Elon musk mid-life crisis network.

Good news for all friends. I will be able to offer you some of my singles and EPs as MiniDisc via Bandcamp later this week! 💽

Customer orders an item in 2016 (!) and sends it back to us last week without notice (!). Customer escalates because he has not received a refund. We are all criminals, lol.

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