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I recently produced a techno song with a good friend - maybe you should listen to it!

Can I go back to bed? I really haven't slept much and work is meh today.

My single "NO TRUST ft. Aenna Keen" has become a little more successful than expected - whooop :revengeday:

I still have to buy a few small things but I don't feel like leaving the house. Ech!


You can never trust anybody.

Why can't you just listen to me, huh?

I told you, you are stuck with me.

OUT NOW - on all known streaming sites. Also available as limited MiniDisc via Bandcamp.

When I woke up this morning, Bandcamp informed me that @revengeday 's new album is available. Guess what? When I greedily bought his entire discography last weekend, I apparently pre-ordered this album as well. 🤑 A great start to the day. 🔊 🎵 👂 🤩 #WorthListening

Cute Date Idea #37382: Listening to Revengeday together over a broken 5000 watt bass machine 🥵

Today is one of those days where it's good that I'm not in the office. I sit cursing in front of the computer.

I should actually do more advertising for my music - but I'm too tired for that.

I will sue the German weather because I have a headache and it is very humid today!

Sell: Monday (used, defective)
Price: no
If interested please DM

Now there is no excuse to procrastinate creating a bandcamp account. 🤩 I'll probably spend the weekend listening through @revengeday 's discography. 😇 🔊🎶

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