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I have my 1st anniversary today at the company where I work - and I have to say, it's the first employer that doesn't suck 🥳

Inflation kicks hard: According to my banking app, we spent 300 euros more on groceries this month... :holdthepain:

You thought it was going to be a pleasant day at work, but you were wrong. At the time you accidentally broke the Xen Crystal. Your life will change from now on - live with it!

Now ready for pre-order:

I have a salary negotiation tomorrow. Thinking about running the theme of Who Wants to be a Millionaire on the side....

Orrr, these colleagues who skip every challenge immediately and then leave the work. According to the motto: Some idiot will do it.

I'm usually the idiot.

Ah nice. Cloudflare is having issues and I need to customize content in Zendesk - great.

I would like to inform my fans and listeners that my album announced for this year will not be released - I have discontinued the album project.

Don't worry, there will be something else for it "soon"!

Since my boss is feeling lonely with our newbies I'm heading to the office now. Should ask for more money lol

Ich bin in höchster Verzückung und voller Hochgefühle 😍 liebsten dank @revengeday

I want to make music but I'm just so incredibly uncreative and empty,... Meh!

Win a limited and stickers of my single DISAPPEAR :revengeday:

What you have to do for it?

Just do something with this toot.
Retoot, favorite, print - be creative.

And of course you have to be lucky! 🍀

The winner will be chosen randomly (via randomorg) on 12/06/2022 at 20:30 CET+2.

You want to throw a fat party on but you are still missing music? Then just listen to mine, it can't get any worse!

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