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At least, in the next version you will see immediately where the music is DRM free and where you can buy it or just listen to it :D

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I'm using my vacation to modernize my website in the backend. I already know why I didn't want to do that.

Note to self: Don't build your own CMS!

In 1998, Gordon Freeman failed an experiment in Black Mesa (New Mexico), and since then the world has been ending more and more each year - coincidence?

Can you still trust reality?

What is real, what is a simulation?

Are your mind real or programmed?

Can you escape the cycle?
You will find out.

BEYOND THE EDGE - 2022-08-05

BEYOND THE EDGE is a short cyberpunk audio-adventure to prepare you for my upcoming music project.

The adventure will be available to all subscribers with Cortex Implant Mark-2 and Mark-3 subscription from 2022-08-05.

Not yet a subscriber, upgrade your RealSpace today:

Neue Tanzmusik von mir. Alles aus dem M8 Tracker rausgefallen:

Downloads ohne Bandcamp (MP3, WAV, FLAC) hier:

Flashing lights 



I wanted to try something new!

I was just about to render a video to my music and wonder why it is taking so long.

Accidentally set 8K 😱

When other musicians tell you that they are more successful. Yeah cool, I'm happy for you.

After Bandcamp found that musicians s*ck.

I can proudly announce today that you can buy my music from now on also via Ko-fi and the best, you can also subscribe me there!

Help me stay indie to keep getting weird music! 🤖

I work with Zendesk professionally. Great tool, no question. But why the hell is there no way to search for dynamic content?

I had to program my own search now.

I shaved off my beard except for my upper lip beard. Now I look like an 80s porn guy or a magician with bad magic tricks 👍

My hair looks like an exploded sofa cushion today. Luckily, I'm in the home office.

When there is no more water, I just drink coffee. /derp

Do you know what helps against heat? My music certainly doesn't, it will probably make you shake your head or start dancing.


You thought it was going to be a pleasant day at work, but you were wrong. At the time you accidentally broke the Xen Crystal. Your life will change from now on - live with it!

I have my 1st anniversary today at the company where I work - and I have to say, it's the first employer that doesn't suck 🥳

Inflation kicks hard: According to my banking app, we spent 300 euros more on groceries this month... :holdthepain:

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