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Hey I'm Ramses (yes, that's my real name) I'm a weird cyberpunk friend who likes to make weird music in the genres of drum and bass, techstep and techno. I'm kinda stuck in the 90s even though I'm in my mid 30s. Maybe you've heard my music in some video games - without realizing it!

Use coupon code "daddyissues" to save 10% off everything in my Bandcamp store today!

Ha' only work tomorrow and then is long weekend. Thank you holidays!

I recently produced a techno song with a good friend - maybe you should listen to it!

Can I go back to bed? I really haven't slept much and work is meh today.

My single "NO TRUST ft. Aenna Keen" has become a little more successful than expected - whooop :revengeday:

I still have to buy a few small things but I don't feel like leaving the house. Ech!


You can never trust anybody.

Why can't you just listen to me, huh?

I told you, you are stuck with me.

OUT NOW - on all known streaming sites. Also available as limited MiniDisc via Bandcamp.

When I woke up this morning, Bandcamp informed me that @revengeday 's new album is available. Guess what? When I greedily bought his entire discography last weekend, I apparently pre-ordered this album as well. 🤑 A great start to the day. 🔊 🎵 👂 🤩 #WorthListening

Cute Date Idea #37382: Listening to Revengeday together over a broken 5000 watt bass machine 🥵

Today is one of those days where it's good that I'm not in the office. I sit cursing in front of the computer.

I should actually do more advertising for my music - but I'm too tired for that.

I will sue the German weather because I have a headache and it is very humid today!

Sell: Monday (used, defective)
Price: no
If interested please DM

Now there is no excuse to procrastinate creating a bandcamp account. 🤩 I'll probably spend the weekend listening through @revengeday 's discography. 😇 🔊🎶

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