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Hey I'm Ramses (yes, that's my real name) I'm a weird cyberpunk friend who likes to make weird music in the genres of drum and bass, techstep and techno. I'm kinda stuck in the 90s even though I'm in my mid 30s. Maybe you've heard my music in some video games - without realizing it!

I find it funny how framing is now trying to push the climate catastrophe onto the millennials.

Folks, at the height of industrialization (90s), we were children.

I hardly believe that a child sat in politics and said: Yeah cool, let's generate some awesome CO2.

In the 90s and early 00s, my biggest worry was missing an episode of Pokemon on TV.

Stack Overflow be like:

Hello, I have a question about my script I created!

(Detailed description)


Earlier in the great JavaScript wars we solved it so you snowflake, and in general I am very dissatisfied with my life.

If I become president of the world, I promise to make everyone rich! I have worked out a unique pyramid scheme for this!

Since my name is Ramses, you can trust me 100%!

I have to go to bed. Why didn't anyone tell me that you have to work as an adult to earn money? Ok, doesn't count for people who are rich or have rich parents.

They can laugh at me now.

Heute Abend gehts an die letzten Schritte des #NB100 #cyberdeck. Der Soundtrack dazu läuft jetzt schon:
(@revengeday )

To the entry of NO TRUST ft. AENNA KEEN you can check it yourself. For example, you can move the mouse over the image to see what a blind person hears afterwards or you can switch on a voice-over program yourself.

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Hey folks,

I made some adjustments to my website today. Among my followers and listeners are some people who are blind, these are currently never had the pleasure to know what is actually on my cover artwork.

I have changed that from today.

From now on there is to each entry in my discography an ALT text which describes the cover artwork for people who can not see.

With this small step I want to remind you that accessibility is important.

You wondered who is working on my music in the background? This cat!

Merlin is always present during the creative process and gives the tracks a certain vibe by purposefully running around on the keyboard!

Unbelievable, but the cover artworks will be displayed on my site soon. Including ALT text.

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At least, in the next version you will see immediately where the music is DRM free and where you can buy it or just listen to it :D

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I'm using my vacation to modernize my website in the backend. I already know why I didn't want to do that.

Note to self: Don't build your own CMS!

In 1998, Gordon Freeman failed an experiment in Black Mesa (New Mexico), and since then the world has been ending more and more each year - coincidence?

Can you still trust reality?

What is real, what is a simulation?

Are your mind real or programmed?

Can you escape the cycle?
You will find out.

BEYOND THE EDGE - 2022-08-05

BEYOND THE EDGE is a short cyberpunk audio-adventure to prepare you for my upcoming music project.

The adventure will be available to all subscribers with Cortex Implant Mark-2 and Mark-3 subscription from 2022-08-05.

Not yet a subscriber, upgrade your RealSpace today:

Neue Tanzmusik von mir. Alles aus dem M8 Tracker rausgefallen:

Downloads ohne Bandcamp (MP3, WAV, FLAC) hier:

Flashing lights 



I wanted to try something new!

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